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What Should Be Paid Attention To When Constructing The Fence Net In Winter?

Dec. 2019. 20

Fence nets are also called protective nets. Due to regional differences, people in the south are often called isolation fences, and people in the north are called fences. Fence nets are mainly divided into: garden fence nets, Live Stocks Fences, bridge fence nets, highway fence nets, sports fences, airport fences, etc. (very widely used).

Everyone knows that winter workers have low work efficiency and increased construction difficulty, which is not a good season for construction. However, many projects need to complete the predetermined goals and have an end, so even if the difficulty is increased, they must be completed. So what should be paid attention to in winter construction? The supplier of Crowd Control Barrier Fence System China will tell you below.

Live Stocks Fences

Live Stocks Fences

1. Arrange the time reasonably

Some work can be done in advance, and it should be done before winter. If it is unavoidable, you can also stagger the colder time period. Choose a better time from 9 to 3 to start the work. Factors (such as high-altitude fence installation).

2.Buried columns

Because many fence nets are installed with pre-buried columns, the northern land is frozen and excavated in winter. If it is possible, it is recommended that I pit or even reinforce the concrete in advance. If you dig a pit in winter, you can also use machinery. With special hole-opening machines, rock drilling is not a problem, and it is portable. You can also use an excavator with a hole-opener.

If you have only humans, you can only find some handy tools like foreign picks. Maybe you thought that digging the pit is all right, but your work is only halfway through. Next, you need to pour concrete and pay attention to keeping him properly warm, especially in areas with high moisture content such as waterside. Prevent the sequelae of soft ground when the earth recovers in the coming year.

3. Security measures

Winter construction is relatively cold. Wear gloves and wear non-slip shoes, especially when installing bridge fence nets. Use safety belts for construction. Especially pay attention to external construction. Shoes must be non-slip. There is more frost and snow on the bridge in winter Bing Jing, if you accidentally step on the air, you need to be careful.

The above are the things that the 3D Panel Fencing supplier introduces to you that should be paid attention to during the installation of the fence in winter. I hope to help you.