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How To Extend The Life Of The Isolation Fence?

Dec. 2019. 13

Every new thing, such as a new mobile phone, you are afraid of it breaking, because you put a protective film on it and buy a protective case. This is a way to extend the life of things. Of course, this is a small example of life. In winter, why some trees are painted with a white paint, this is also to extend its life. China Double Wire Welded Fence Supplier will show you how to protect and extend the life of the fence.

Nowadays, the scope of application of isolation fences is getting wider and wider. The shadow of the isolation fence can be seen everywhere. The isolation fence has good anti-climbing ability. The main manifestation of the top of the isolation fence is that there are usually 30-degree bends at the top. For the anti-climbing performance of large isolation fences, barbed wire and blade gill nets are added to the top of the isolation fence. Barbed wire and blade gill nets are the first choice for most people because of their sharp blades and thorns. Some playgrounds have large events and use Playground Fencing to control the crowd.

Playground Fencing

Playground Fencing

Isolation railings refer to balcony railings made of zinc alloy materials. Because of their high strength, high hardness, beautiful appearance, and bright colors, they have become mainstream products used in residential areas. Traditional balcony railings use iron bars and aluminum alloy materials, which require the use of welding and other process technologies, and are soft in texture, easy to rust, and single in color.

The original wrought-iron balcony railing has a very limited useful life. Generally, a good wrought-iron railing can only be used for about 2 years, and it will be refurbished when it is used, which not only consumes time but also has potential safety hazards. After the isolation fence appears, it has been used for a long time in the later processing. Generally can be used for at least 20 years. To improve the useful life of the isolation barrier, we first have a brief understanding of it from the characteristics of the railing product. Then from the maintenance aspect, it is necessary to maintain it.


1. Pay attention to moisture resistance: if it is just the general outdoor air humidity, you don't need to bother. In foggy weather, use a dry cotton cloth to wipe the water drops on the balcony railings; if it is rainy, wipe the water drops in time after the rain stops. Try to maintain and extend the life of balcony railings.

2, away from acids and alkalis Corrosive acids and alkalis are the number one killer of balcony railings. If the balcony railing is accidentally stained with acids and alkalis, immediately flush the dirt with water and then wipe it with a dry cotton cloth.

Of course, these are limited to the maintenance of indoor balconies. For outdoor ones, some of them cannot be maintained, and some maintenance will waste resources. Therefore, if necessary, it is still necessary to purchase new protective fences in time. Affects the normal use of everyone. The above is the method introduced by the supplier of Crowd Control Barrier Fence System China to extend the life of the isolation fence. I hope it can help everyone.