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Fence Production Process

Jan. 2020. 03

The use of fence nets is very wide, and everyone has seen the products. But what is the production process of fence nets, I believe most people are not sure. The following Crowd Control Barrier Fence System China supplier will tell you next.

1. Preparations for fence net production

First of all, after receiving a list, we need to confirm the specifications and details of the fence mesh product with the customer. The first step is to purchase raw materials. We need to calculate the amount of each raw material according to the specifications. The raw materials of general fence mesh are divided into: mesh material, frame material, column material, accessories and special welding materials.

2. Formally entered the production process of the fence net:

(1) A wire drawing line should be equipped, from raw material entering the factory to wire drawing. Can be strictly controlled by the technical staff of the manufacturer. Relying on technical requirements and years of experience to make good use of raw materials;

(2) It is necessary to make preliminary preparations for the welding of the mesh: straight strips. The thing to pay attention to at this step is that the strips should be straight without damaging the surface coating;

(3) Welding of fence nets: The welding or weaving process of the nets is mainly based on the skilled technology and operating ability between the technicians and the good production machinery. Generally, the good nets are each weld or weave The points are well connected and the flatness is excellent.

(4) Cutting and welding of fence net posts: U-saws are used for cutting the posts, which can ensure the flatness of the cross section and the degree requirements, and also ensure that no gaps appear in the welding of the frame.

(5) To grasp the overall dip molding process of the fence net, in general, the entire product should pay attention to the uniformity of the dip molding, and the quality of the coating is also crucial. Adhesion strength must meet standards. Method for testing adhesion. The surface coating can be scraped off at the working point. If it is easily dropped, it will not meet the standard, which will directly affect the service life.

(6) The detection of the connection part is extremely demanding on the safety factor for prison fence net products. Therefore, the connection part is seamlessly connected at the highest. Can be punched or fast-wired.

3. Fence net manufacturers pack the fence net

After the production of the fence nets, we need to carry out pre-factory inspections to ensure that the products of the fence nets meet the requirements of customers and relevant national standards. This is an important part of protecting the interests of customers. After the inspection is completed, the fence net is packed.

3D Panel Fencing

3D Panel Fencing

4. Precautions for loading and transporting fence nets

After selecting the fence net, it is often necessary to load it before it can be transported to the destination for installation. When the fence net is loaded, it is necessary to pay more attention to it and not deform it.

(1) The packaging of the fence net must conform to the specifications and models. Different fence nets use different packaging forms to further enhance the protection of the fence net. Fuller guarantee that the goods will not be deformed;

(2) The fence net loading is divided into manual loading and mechanical loading;

(3) Use small tools to strengthen the frictional force of the fence net to prevent the road from slipping and causing the cargo to scatter;

(4) Finally, you must master the strength when binding the brakes with a rope. If it is too tight, it will deform, and if it is too loose, it will easily cause the cargo to scatter. It is necessary to take anti-wear measures where the brake rope is in contact with the product;

(5) After the car is installed in the fence net, it is necessary to carefully check whether there are inappropriate places, so as not to be damaged during transportation.

The above items are the basic process of fence net production introduced by the 3D Panel Fencing supplier. Hope to help everyone.