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Stainless Steel Guardrail Polishing Method

May. 2019. 20

Here is Heavy Duty Tubular Fence China Exporter talking about Electrochemical polishing.

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Its strength is that the mirror gloss persists long, the technology is stable, the pollution is low, the cost is low, the corrosion resistance is good. The defects are high pollution prevention, the processing equipment has a large investment, the messy parts have tooling, the auxiliary electrode, the mass production also needs cooling equipment. It is more suitable for mass production, and it is mainly applied to high-grade goods and export commodities. Its processing technology is stable and easy to operate.

2. Chemical polishing.

The advantage is that the processing equipment is less invested, the messy parts can be thrown, the speed is fast, the efficiency is high, and the corrosion resistance is good. The defects are poor brightness, gas spillage, ventilation equipment, and difficult heating. Suitable for processing small batches of messy parts and small Parts light brightness request is not high.

3. Mechanical polishing.

The most common method used for stainless steel stair railings. The advantage is that the finished parts have good leveling and high brightness. The defects are labor intensity, serious pollution, and the messy parts cannot be processed, and the gloss can not be common, the gloss persists for a short time, boring and rusting. More suitable for processing simple parts, medium and small commodities. For ordinary stainless steel handrails, mechanical assistance, craft polishing, and polishing.