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How To Choose A Chicken Fence?

May. 2019. 23

The Chicken Wire Netting belongs to the special breeding and captive type occasions, in which aspects of the main specifications and styles are displayed, and it is suitable for the installation and application of the fence mesh material in the rural chicken farm captive occasions, which are generally characterized by these characteristics. It is the aspect that we care most about and pay attention to.

Chicken Wire Netting Exporter

Hexagonal Chicken Wire Factory generally refers to the product with mesh metal structure with isolation protection, anti-corrosion, and stability. The construction of the whole fence of the farm must be directed to different materials and different specifications. Provide a more comprehensive and comprehensive product help service.

As for which farm fence is suitable, we can judge from the following aspects:

The height of the cage fence of the chicken farm; on the one hand, it must ensure that the fence height of the chicken farm and the diameter of the mesh are combined with certain construction plan standards, and in other respects, the width of the farm, the depth of the pre-buried, according to the installation frame fence The standard is used for construction design to ensure that different construction and use occasions can be used quickly and stable.