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Type Analysis Of The Use Of Wire Mesh Corrugated Packing

May. 2019. 14

Here is Temporary Fence Manufacturer talking about Type analysis of the use of wire mesh corrugated packing.

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The corrugated packing is widely used in China. It mainly consists of CY type, BX type wire mesh corrugated packing of stone light stainless steel packing, the corrugated board made of M-125~M650 hole plate and corrugated board piece pressed by wire mesh. The wave height is small and the specific surface area is small. Large, good surface wetting performance, high separation efficiency, the separation efficiency of 10 or more theoretical plates per m packing layer. However, because of the expensive price of the wire mesh made of stainless steel, the cost per unit volume of the filler is high, and the strength is low. It is generally suitable for vacuum distillation, atmospheric distillation, and absorption of difficult-to-separate and heat-sensitive substances, and the tower diameter is not large (2m). The following), where it is not easy to block and corrode. Single layer and double layer wire mesh corrugated packing.

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Single-layer wire mesh corrugated packings are available in Models 250, 500, and 700. For Type 500 applications, SW-1 and SW-2 mesh corrugated packings have been developed in China. In the tens of thousands of t/a methanol plant (two-column process), most of the CY type (700m2/m3) and SW-1 type (650 m2/m3) are used, and the (three-tower process) device is above 100,000 t/a. In view of the more energy-saving and amplification effects, the CY and SW-1 models were replaced by BX (500 m2/m3) and SW-2 (450-500 m2/m3), all of which achieved good results. Low packing, good corrosion resistance, strong anti-pollution ability, low pressure, and large flux. It is especially suitable for the distillation of organic matter with normal pressure and medium vacuum and pollution hazard and is suitable for normal pressure and pressurized countercurrent absorption process.

In the design of the new tower and the renovation of the old tower, it is used to replace the random packing such as the Pall ring and some plate towers. Especially in the transformation of large-scale towers, there are obvious economic effects on improving the output and quality of products and reducing energy consumption.

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