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The Widespread Use Of Electronic Fences Is Bound To Become A Trend

Aug. 2019. 29

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Temporary Fence

Temporary Fence

The electronic fence is based on “blocking and alarming,” which is designed with the latest international perimeter security and perimeter alarm concept, which means that the intruder is blocked outside the perimeter, and the crime is stopped before the attack occurs. Retreat. When the intruder forcibly invades, the alarm system will issue an alarm to inform the security personnel to connect the TV monitoring system in parallel. This is completely different from the traditional alarm and monitoring, because the traditional alarm and monitoring can only provide information and records when the event occurs or after the event, but can not effectively prevent the invasion of outsiders.

The superiority of the electronic fence system:

1. Low false positive rate and strong adaptability

The electronic fence system uses a new alarm detection and control system to ensure a very low false alarm rate. Because it is not affected by other environmental factors (such as trees, small animals, vibrations, etc.) and climate (such as rain, fog, wind, snow, etc.). It is not limited by the height of the terrain and the tortuous shape of the boundary. It is not used in the perimeter environment of line of sight and straight lines and flat areas, unlike systems such as infrared and microwave walls.

2. A sense of deterrence

High-voltage pulsed electronic fence This is a new concept of perimeter alarm system, the “tangible” alarm system. It really gives the intruder a deterrent feeling and blocking effect, so that it increases a psychological burden before committing crimes. Do not dare to act rashly, to achieve prevention, reduce the number of crimes, and improve the reliability of the system.

The scope of the electronic fence system:

1. Military base; 2. Airport; 3. Prison, detention center; 4. Factory; 5. Senior residential community 6. Farm; 7. Livestock farm 8. Mining area;

Therefore, the widespread use of electronic fences, into our lives, these will become an inevitable trend.