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How Is The Fence Maintained?

Dec. 2019. 06

Fence is a very common device in society. The use of this device can effectively protect the lot we want to protect, such as 3D Panel Fencing. There are also many types of fences in life, most of which are iron fences. Such fences often rust when they are used. Therefore, we need to do good maintenance of the equipment. What are the maintenance work? The following China Double Wire Welded Fence Supplier will tell you.

1. Pay attention to moisture resistance: If it is just the general outdoor air humidity, you can rest assured that the iron fence is rustproof. If it is foggy, use a dry cotton cloth to wipe the water drops on the cast iron; if it is rainy, wipe the water drops in time after the rain stops. Due to the raging acid rain in most parts of China, the rainwater left on cast iron should be wiped dry immediately after the rain.

3D Panel Fencing

3D Panel Fencing

2. Regular dust removal: Outdoor dust is flying and accumulating, and a layer of floating dust will fall on the cast iron facilities. It will affect the color of the cast iron, which will lead to the damage of the cast iron protective film. Therefore, outdoor cast iron facilities should be wiped regularly. Generally, soft cotton is preferred.

3. Avoid bumps: This is the first thing to notice in cast iron products. Cast iron products should be handled with care during handling. Places where cast iron products should be hard to touch. Keep it flat. The cast iron fence should be secure during installation. If it is unstable, it will deform the cast iron fence over time and affect the service life of the cast iron fence.

4. Stay away from acids and alkalis: Acids and alkalis are the "number one killer" of cast iron fences. If acids (such as sulfuric acid, vinegar) and alkalis (such as methyl alkali, soapy water, and soda water) are accidentally stained on the cast iron fence, they should be used immediately. Rinse the dirt with clean water, then wipe dry with a dry cotton cloth.

5. Eliminate rust marks: If rust is produced on the cast iron fence, do not make your own claim with sandpaper. If the rust is smaller and shallower, you can use cotton yarn dipped in engine oil to coat the rust. After a while, wipe it with a cloth to remove the rust. If the rust has been enlarged and heavy, the relevant technicians should be asked to repair it.

6. The daily anticorrosion of fences, regular maintenance is one of the essential links. How to deal with the corrosion of guardrail materials is an issue worthy of attention. First, the specific dimensions of the guardrail were recorded, and the specific toughness of the guardrail was tested with a hammer. If there is a large area of paint peeling or corrosion, it proves that the fence here has severely corroded, and the brittleness of the internal metal elements can be imagined. The old guardrail product should be replaced in time. According to the area, select a new guardrail for actual installation. Secondly, the guardrails must be cleaned up in time and sorted for recycling. Because it is a common high-speed material, it is still widely used after professional recycling and degradation. Among them, galvanized, electroplated, plastic sprayed anticorrosive coatings on the surface of high-speed guardrails are mainly oxide coatings. In the production process of the guardrail, a layer of anticorrosive equipment will be evenly coated on the guardrail, which is more conducive to improving the anticorrosive effect of the guardrail. Finally, in order to solve the daily anticorrosion problem of the guardrail, regular maintenance is one of the essential links. The fixed section is regularly maintained, and the long-distance guardrail products are specially isolated.

The above is a brief introduction for the Crowd Control Barrier Fence System China suppliers.