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What's The Danger of Crossing the Cycle way Safety Fencing?

Jul. 2019. 16

We always see someone crossing the Cycle way Safety Fencing on the road. The phenomenon of crossing the guardrail must have been seen by everyone. Even now, this phenomenon is endless.

Cycle way Safety Fencing

According to reports, every year someone loses their lives because of crossing the guardrail. What's more, the car panicked in order to avoid the pedestrians on the fence, causing more serious disasters. Although these are all unwilling to see people crossing the guardrail, they indirectly lead to disasters. Therefore, we say that crossing the road isolation barrier is a great hazard.

The appearance of the cycle way safety fencing itself is to block the direct touch between pedestrians and vehicles, to ensure that they are all in line, thus maintaining their own safety, reducing traffic conflicts and reducing traffic delays.

At the same time, there are still a large number of pedestrians crossing the railing in the society. Every year, a large number of traffic accidents are caused by crossing the railings, causing bad social impact and damaging social stability. Based on such a situation, the danger of crossing the road isolation barrier is great.

In all, as a Temporary Fence Supplier, we want to remind everyone not to cross the railing, safety is the most important for yourself and your families.