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What Are The Characteristics Of Fixed Knot Woven Fence?

Jul. 2019. 18

The Fixed Knot Woven Fence is made of high-quality steel mesh, which is made of fully automatic cross-welding. The welding point of the guardrail is very regular, without any damage, and the use intensity is excellent. Its surface is safely treated with anti-corrosion treatment. The treatment method of anti-corrosion treatment is to use PE or PVC dip-coating method. With this skill processing method, the surface of the adsorbed product can be wrapped in all directions, and the treated guardrail is processed. It has strong anti-corrosion property, and this kind of material has non-toxic and harmless effect, good anti-corrosion property, anti-aging, anti-sun, high temperature resistance, and woven fence products can be installed in outdoor environment.

Fixed Knot Woven Fence