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Galvanized Chain Link Fence

Low cost, easy installation

Chain Link Fence steel components available

Suitable to all kinds of surroundings.

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Product Description :

Chain link fence, also called diamond mesh fence, is a type of woven fence usually made from galvanized or PVC coated steel wire.

It is one of the most widely used fencing fabrics, as it is available in various wire gauges and mesh sizes and can be suitable in different applications.

Galvanized Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Roll Selvage 

For the edge of the chain link mesh, there are mainly two options: knuckled edge and twisted (protruding) edge.

The twisted edge can increases the fencing security and it is more popular.

Chain Link Post Sizes:

Round post

Size: 60mmx60mm, 75mmx75mm

Thickness:  2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm

Height: 2.3m, 2.5m, 2.6m, 3.0m, 3.6m

Finishing: Glavnized and electrostatic polyester powder coating

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