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Summarize The Various Fences

Nov. 2019. 14

From the earliest wooden fences, the fences are obstacles set up by people for raising various animals. The fences are grazing, saving manpower, facilitating the rational use of grassland and improving grassland productivity. The biological fence has the function of preventing sand, improving natural conditions and improving efficiency. Nowadays, fences often appear in different forms in our lives, and have a very wide range of uses and connotations, such as 3D Panel Fencing. So what are the construction requirements for different fences? Let's take a look at it together.

3D Panel Fencing

3D Panel Fencing

1. Site fence

(1) The construction site fence should be implemented as soon as possible after the completion of the roadbed project; the contractor should formulate a detailed construction organization design and submit it to the supervision engineer for review before construction. The contractor shall, according to the approved construction organization design, carry out the construction and lofting according to the requirements of the drawings and the actual topography and features, determine the centerline of the column, carry out the necessary clearing and excavation of the roots to block the slope according to the regular slope and the linear structure. Grid.

(2) The burial of the column should be carried out in sections, first burying the columns at both ends, and then pulling the line to bury the intermediate column. From the longitudinal direction, the axis of the column should be on a straight line, and the phenomenon of unevenness should not be presented; from the height point of view, the top of the column should be smooth and should not be in a state of unevenness.

(3) If there is a break in a row of barriers or at a road intersection, the distance of the column may be properly adjusted as needed. When crossing the river, when the width of the river is not more than 6m, it should be connected as shown in the drawings or with barbed wire; when the width of the river is greater than 6m, the barrier should be closed and closed.

2. Iron fence

(1) When the drawings require that the columns, supports or anchors be buried in the concrete foundation, the contractor shall provide the necessary temporary cables or supports to hold the columns in place until the concrete hardens. During the 7-day period of concrete maintenance, no material or parts should be installed or tensioned on the columns, cables and supports. All columns shall be laid vertically in accordance with the drawings and vertical lines.

(2) Barrier meshes of the size and type that meet the requirements shall be wound from the end of the column to the hook of the column according to the rules of the drawing rules; or the mesh device shall be placed in the structure, and the structure shall be firmly connected to the column. All mesh and wire should be tight and not deformed, and the height of the device should conform to the drawing rules. After the barrier device is completed, the bottom of the column needs to be compacted.

(3) Where the high-voltage transmission line passes through the barrier of the device, the barrier grid shall be connected to the ground wire according to the rules of the power department.

3. Temporary fence

For example, the Crowd Control Barrier Fence System, the temporary fence crosswalk is an effective way to maintain regional security, while maintaining the circulation of people. The crowd control barrier is ideal for pedestrian traffic management in busy or crowded areas. Steel guardrails are fully reusable and are most commonly used for outdoor activities such as music festivals and football matches.

The gate is connected by a coupler that is designed to act as a hinge so that the gate can be freely added to any part of the temporary fence system. This is a secure dedicated entrance door. The gate must be used with hinges and wheel sets. The door panel is specially made with a clean opening that can be secured with a sliding bolt or padlock. There is a wheel system that can be easily installed and swings freely when opening or closing.

The above is the construction method of different fences, I hope to help everyone. In addition, if you are interested in the fence, you can contact us. We are a Boundary Fence Supplier, specializing in industrial and commercial fence products, welcome you.