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Safety On Driving On Highways

Sep. 2019. 25

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When we are driving on the highway, the safety issue is the first thing to consider. When it comes to safety, the wave guardrail plays a vital role in it. What is the highway guardrail? The highway guardrail is a continuous structure. It is mainly composed of corrugated guardrails. Each two corrugated steel guardrails are fixed on the guardrail pillars by splicing to form a whole. The structure consisting of the wave guardrail board is not only beautiful in appearance, but also convenient to use. For example, simply inserting the column into the wave guardrail board can provide good isolation and convenience.

So why do highway guardrails use waved guardrails in many of the guardrails? This is because the waved guardrails are both rigid and flexible, when the out-of-control vehicle hits the fence. Its rigidity and flexibility make it possible to quickly absorb the collision energy, thereby changing the direction of the out-of-control vehicle and ensuring the safety of the vehicle and the people on board. Not only that, the wave guardrail and the high-speed route of the waveform are coordinated with each other as a whole, and are uniform and beautiful. The role of the wave guardrail is mainly in the ability to absorb the huge impact force, thus ensuring the safety of the driving vehicle. In this respect, how does the wave guardrail function? When the out-of-control vehicle hits the guardrail, because the highway guardrail is connected by a semi-rigid wave guardrail through the pillars, it is impacted. The wave guardrail will absorb the huge impact force through its own solution and the deformation of the column and the beam, so as to achieve the purpose of changing the driving direction of the out-of-control vehicle, and avoid the phenomenon that the vehicle rushes out of the road. Driving on a highway requires not only sophisticated driving skills, but also a strong safety guarantee for Waveguard.

Boundary Fence Supplier

Boundary Fence Supplier

A brief introduction to the installation of urban road guardrails shared by Boundary Fence Supplier:

1. In order to improve the wind resistance and anti-malicious movement of the guardrail, the stable base and the ground should be fixed on the ground using the internal expansion bolt.

2. The municipal guardrails have been assembled in series according to the order requirements before leaving the factory. After the products arrive at the construction site, only the steel lining parts of each column need to be inserted into the stable base, and the line is extended according to the requirements of the department.

3. After completing the basic layout, use special bolts to connect each section of the fence properly.

4. Connect the user to install the reflector at the top of the guardrail.

5. The mobile cast iron seat can be symmetrically locked by ball nails or expansion screws.

Now everyone has some understanding of the matters to be paid attention to in the installation of urban road guardrails.

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