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Metal Mesh Damage Too Fast Solution

Jun. 2019. 11

Here is Modern Tubular Fence Manufacturer talking about Metal Mesh Damage Too Fast Solution. 

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The vibration amplitude of the wire mesh in the clay stack is too small, and it is difficult to sieve under the condition of the polymer drilling fluid, which cannot effectively overcome the viscous force of the cuttings, and the drill cuttings accumulate on the screen and quickly damage the screen.

Modern Tubular Fence Manufacturer


1. Increase the vibration amplitude;

2. Use the sprayed water to flush the screen and cuttings to reduce the stickiness of the cuttings;

3. Adjust the angle of the screen at the end of the sand discharge to the downward direction, which is good for the debris to be discharged by gravity, but it may lead to running the slurry;

4. Replacing the mesh number of the screen or adjusting the flow rate of the single screen to ensure that the flow stop point of the drilling fluid is close to the screen outlet, so that the drill cuttings are smoothly discharged under the       lubrication of the drilling fluid.