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Construction Process Of Guardrail

Aug. 2019. 07

Here is a professional Boundary Fence Supplier talking about the construction process of fence.

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Crowd Control Barrier

Crowd Control Barrier

Conditions of construction→Precision stakeout→contact surface chiseling, pre-embedded rib adjustment→rebar production and installation→template installation→casting concrete→demolition


1. The template should be cleaned and brushed before each installation, and the release agent should be evenly applied.

2. The welding and binding of the guardrail steel bars must meet the design and specification requirements, especially the position of the steel bars in the internal test should be accurate.

3. After installing the template, check the side and top of the template. The side and top of the template should be straight.

4. The area of the honeycomb surface of the concrete of the guardrail shall not exceed 0.5% of the area of the surface, and the depth shall not exceed 10 mm.

5. The one-side guardrail of the same span should be poured at one time, and the steel template should be applied to the end template to ensure that the end of the end is flush.

6. There shall be no cracking at the guardrail surface and joints. The problem of wrong platform, flatness and appearance quality should be dealt with in time, and the color should be consistent. The top surface is smooth and beautiful, and the height is consistent.

7. The linear straight section of the guardrail is straight and straight, and the curve section is round and straight, without fold lines and dead ends.