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Stainless Steel Door Screen

Weave Type: Plain Weave

Material: Stainless Steel Wire 201,304,316,316L

Surface Treatment: Powder Coated, PVC Coated.

Color: Black, Grey, White, and others available at your request.

Wire Diameter: 0.6-1.2mm

Mesh Opening: 10 mesh × 10 mesh, 11 mesh × 11 mesh, 12 mesh × 12 mesh, 14 mesh × 14 mesh,etc.

Length: 1500 mm, 2000 mm, 2400 mm, 3000 mm

Width: 750 mm, 900 mm, 1000 mm, 1200 mm, 1500 mm

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Product Description :

The Stainless Steel Security Window Screen also named as anti-theft screen, bulletproof screen, crime-safe security screen. It’ s designed to provide safe guard against thieves, storms and gunshot. 

It's a woven screen by high quality stainless steel wire, and the fine electrostatic spraying coated surface helps the screen has the high performance of high strength,simple and powerful, resisting shear and anti-shock to reach the features of bulletproof, anti-theft, ventilate, light transmitting, artistic and safe. It's widely used government department, luxury villas and commercial buildings.

Stainless Steel Door Screen

Product name:Stainless Steel Security Screen.
Weave type:Plain Weave
Material: Stainless Steel Wire 201.304.316.316L
Surface treatment: Powder Coated, or PVC Coated.
Color: Black. Other colors like gray and white are also available at your requests.
Wire diameter: 0.8 mm. (0.6 mm - 1.2 mm is also available at your requests.)
Mesh opening:11 mesh × 11 mesh. (Besides 10 mesh × 10 mesh, 12 mesh × 12 mesh and 14 mesh × 14 mesh, non-standard mesh openings are also available at customers' requests.)
Length:1500 mm, 2000 mm, 2400 mm, 3000 mm.
Width:  750 mm, 900 mm, 1000 mm, 1200 mm, 1500 mm.
Note: Special dimensions are also available according to your requirements.
Guarantee: ten years.
Package:5 pieces in one carton box, then 10 carton boxes in one wooden case; or 25/50 pieces per wooden case.

Stainless Steel Door Screen


· Banks, organs and units or other financial institutions - bulletproof function.

· Office buildings, villas, high-end residential buildings - anti-theft.

· Mountain areas, field, suburbs - anti mosquito and rodent.

· Beautiful resident buildings, business district needs unified management - beautiful appearance.

· Wet or dry cities - rust resistance and sun proof.

· Industrial district, beachfront cities, swimming pool - moisture resistant.

· Chemical industry atmosphere, marine environment - high temperature resistance.

· Furthermore, 316 stainless steel security screen is also suitable for airports, resorts, hospitals, schools, nursing homes and other living areas.

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