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Requirements for Erection of Border Guardrails

Feb. 2020. 21

The role of the side fence is to prevent people from accidentally falling into the foundation pit. The skirting board on the fence of the foundation pit can be painted with black-yellow or white-red paint, which can effectively warn pedestrians or vehicles around it. It can prevent debris from falling into the foundation pit. Because the mesh of the fence pit fence is small, this can prevent some debris from falling into the foundation pit, and prevent accidents caused by the construction workers below due to the debris falling. When the foundation pit fence is used to protect the building from the side, it can effectively prevent the danger of personnel falling. It can be used as the isolation function of the separation channel between people and vehicles. The separation between people and vehicles at the construction site is orderly, reducing accidents. So what are the requirements for setting up a border guardrail? The following Farm Chain Link Fence Exporter will come to tell you.

Foundation pits, stairs, balconies, floors, roofs, etc., protect the periphery of the foundation pit, stairs, balconies, ledges and cantilevered platforms without railings or railings, awnings and cantilevered sides, roofs without external scaffolding Protective railings must be installed around the floor and around the water tank. Masts, construction elevators, scaffolds, etc. must be provided with protective railings on both sides of the building access. The middle of the double-cage derrick passage shall be separated and closed. Temporary Fence must be set on the beam side of various vertical transport receiving platforms.

Temporary Fence

1) The fixing of the guardrail pillars facing the construction should meet the following requirements:

When fixed around the foundation pit, steel pipes can be embedded to the ground to a depth of 50 to 70 cm. The distance between the steel pipe and the edge should not be less than 50cm. When sheet piles are used around the foundation pit, steel pipes can be driven outside the sheet piles. When fixing on the concrete floor, roof or wall, the column is fixed on the floor with M10 * 80mm expansion account screws. When fixing on masonry such as bricks or masonry blocks, 80mm × 6mm bent flat steel with suitable specifications can be built in advance as concrete blocks for embedded iron, and then fixed by the above method. Edge protection, edge guardrail, edge guardrail, foundation pit railing.

2) The fixing of the railing post and its connection with the crossbar should be such that the protective railing can withstand 1000N external force in any direction anywhere. When there is a possibility of crowded people, vehicle impact, or collision of objects at the position of the railing, the cross-section of the crossbar or the distance between columns should be increased. Edge protection, edge guardrail, edge guardrail, foundation pit railing

3) The protective railing must be closed wire mesh from top to bottom, or a tightly fixed footboard with a height of not less than 20cm must be set under the railing. If there are holes in the footboard, it should not be larger than 25mm. The gap between the bottom of the board and the bottom should not be greater than 10mm. The railings on both sides of the receiving platform must be equipped with safety nets from top to bottom. Edge protection, edge guardrail, edge guardrail, foundation pit railing

4) When facing the street on the outer side of the front, in addition to the protective railings, the open facade must be fully enclosed by safety nets or other reliable measures.

The above is the requirements of Park Chain Link Fence Manufacturer for setting up the border guardrail.

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