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The Introduction to Playground Fencing

Jun. 2019. 29

The Playground Fencing refers to the fence net products used in the sports grounds of the school and around the playground. The playground fencing are generally used for comprehensive sports venues, including basketball courts, tennis courts, table tennis courts, soccer fields, etc., so the playground fence network is comprehensive.

The school playground guardrail product adopts the hook-and-chain fence net, that is, the main part of the fence net adopts the plastic hook-and-chain flower net, and the frame combination constitutes the fence net product.

[General Specifications]

Column: round tube with a diameter of 75 or 89

Cross tube: round tube with a diameter of 50 or 60

Height: 3 meters - 4 meters, column spacing 3 meters

Appearance color: green

Use of playground fencing:

The playground fencing can be applied to various volleyball courts, tennis courts, soccer fields and other places. It can meet the needs of schools, institutions, enterprises and institutions for fitness facilities. Its appearance is neat, impact-resistant and flexible, and the stadium in the community building group need to be isolated.