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How is the Fence Mesh Fixed?

Feb. 2020. 05

Fence net is also called isolation fence, fence net, isolation net, protective net, fence net is a common type of fence net products. It is made by weaving and welding domestic high-quality low-carbon steel wire and aluminum-magnesium alloy wire. Flexible assembly and durable features. It can be used as a protective fence net wall or as a temporary isolation net. In use, different pillar fixing methods can be used. In recent years, the fence has been widely used on many domestic high speeds and has achieved good results. . The fence mesh is made of low-carbon steel wire, aluminum-magnesium alloy wire, and plastic sprayed. The fence net is made by braiding and welding; the fence net products have the characteristics of anti-corrosion, anti-aging, sun resistance, weather resistance and so on. Beautiful and durable, non-deformation and fast installation, it is an ideal metal fence product, which can be made into a sex net wall and can also be used as a temporary fence net, which can be achieved by using different column fixing methods. Anti-corrosion forms can be electroplating, hot-plating, plastic spraying, or dipping.

Fence nets are mainly used in parks, zoo fences, campuses, field fences, road traffic isolation, temporary isolation zones, and are often used as Playground Fencing. The specifications of the fence net are various. According to different terrains, different drawings are designed, and the production is evaluated according to the drawings.

 Playground Fencing

Playground Fencing

Fence mesh is a metal protective mesh wall commonly used on both sides of highways, bridges, factories, airports, prisons, etc., and is used as Roll Top Fencing. The protection performance depends on many aspects: the column height; the strength of the net, the embedded depth, and the type of embedding; and whether the vehicle is going uphill or downhill, and the kinetic energy of the vehicle is very high at high speeds, even if it is a brick wall. It must be able to stop, and the strong impact will cause secondary damage to the driver. The function of the fence net is not only to prevent impact, but also to reduce the impact force. The most important thing is to guide the vehicle, to remind the vehicle to slow down and reduce the occurrence of accidents.


The pillar is a part of the guardrail. The pillar that plays a fixed role is usually a steel pillar with good stability and high protection performance. The pillar also needs to be nurtured from time to time, or it will reduce life. The uprightness of the pillars is mainly reflected in the anti-corrosion and anti-impact performance. Every intersection of the upper and lower expressways needs to be equipped with a prominent reminder to prevent traffic accidents.


The fence net is usually fixed in two ways when it is installed: the embedded box flange. A pit is dug on the ground, the pillar is put in, and cement is poured, and the pillar is fixed in a triangle shape, and the cement is stabilized in the device mesh. The protective top of the highway fence can be strengthened with blade barbed wire to prevent people from climbing. Anti-corrosion measures can be selected from electroplating, hot-dip galvanizing, and dipping. Has excellent anti-aging, anti-sun and other characteristics. Beautiful appearance, more beautiful bending and enhanced protection. SBS fasteners are usually used to prevent artificial destructive dismantling. Four horizontal bending stiffeners make the net surface strength significantly increase.


The above is the method of fixed fence net introduced by Boundary Fence Supplier for everyone. I hope it can help everyone.