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Canada Portable Temporary Fence

Material: High quality galvanized wires, galvanized pipes, Galfan, etc

Overall size:1.8×3m


Wire Gauge:3.5-4.0mm



Surface: Galvanized + powder coated

Clolor:  Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange, etc. 

we could manufacture according to your needs.

Detailed Pictures:
Product Description :

Canadian Portable Temporary Fence is a kind of welded portable fence with a square frame and vertical or horizontal square pipes. It consists of the frame fence panel with square tube frame and welded wire mesh filled inside it, top couplers, metal base/feet, and some other accessories if required. The Ca Temporary fence is usually galvanized then PVC powder coated to difference colors, like green, yellow, blue, red, orange, etc.


Advantages of CA temporary fence:

1. No drilling, no burrowing, ready to use.

2. The self-standing base makes it convenient to assembly at work sites.

3. High Security.

4. Easy assembly and transport.

5. Different colors to suit different event needs and application.

6. PVC coated surface treatment after galvanizing, makes the fence durable and resistant to long time use.


Applications of the temporary fence:

In most countries temporary mesh fences are mainly used for important meetings, festivals,

sporting events, construction sites,Domestic Housing Sites, Pool construction,

Concerts / Parades,Crowd control,etc. Temporary fence panels have a simple mesh

structure, it’s beautiful and practical; easy to transport and the installation is not limited by

different sites such as mountain, slope, curved Strip.

NameCanadian temporary fence
   Dimensions    Overall size:1.8×3m


Middle rail:20×20×1.0mm

Wire Gauge:3.5-4.0mm


MaterialHigh quality galvanized wires, galvanized pipes, Galfan, etc
Surface FinishGalvanized + powder coated
Colorwe could manufacture according to your needs.

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