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Temporary Fence Vehicle Gate

A gate to go with the temporary fence

Easy installation to fit in any section of the fence system

Provide secured entrance and exit to footsteps or vehicles

Tell us your gate sizes and spam of the gate

The gate need a hinge and a wheel with it

Detailed Pictures:
Product Description :

The temporary fence vehicle gate is an effective way to keep an area secure while remaining functional for foot traffic and vehicle entry.The vehicle gates are adapted standard fence panels based on our fence design.

The gates are connected by a coupler that is designed to work as a hinge, giving the freedom to add a gate at any section of the temporary fence system. It’s a safe and purpose-built entry & exit gate. The gates must be used with a hinge and wheel set. The gate panels are specially made, with neat and tidy openings that can be secured with a slide bolt or padlock. There is a wheel system which can be installed easily makes the gate to swing freely when open or close it. 

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