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358 High Security Fence with Y post

This rigid, robust,resistant barrier is manufactured from 4mm steel wires with a 12.7mm×76.2mm opening sizes, resistance welded at each intersactions, which are difficult to penetrate and scale due to the strength of the wires and the panel mesh configurations. Hence an effective deterrent to intruders. 

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Product Description :

The 358 Fence, also called anti-climb fence, climb resistant mesh, prison fence,358 flat beam prison mesh, high security fence, the panels of the fence are welded together with its small apertures and welds at each intersection eliminate foot and finger holds, prevent objects being passed through and is particularly effective against the use of conventional hand cutting tools.


The 358 prison fence is by far the most secure and rigid of all mesh systems. This prison mesh is stylish yet also provides a good level of privacy compared to other mesh systems.


Advantages of the 358 Security Fence:

1. Good through visibility and easthetically pleasing

2. Robust wire and welded joints make cutting on the fence very difficult. Superior welding technique and process control creates a stronger fusion between the wires

3. Good corrosion resistance, good security anti-aging. More small openings, no toe or finger holds on the fence.

4. Easy and quick installlations.


Details of the 358 fence:

Mesh apertures: 12.7*76.2mm

Wire diamter: 4mm

Post options: Over length in concrete or base plated to bolt on concrete

Post size: 60*60mm square steel tube or other sizes as required

Surface treatment: Galvanized, Galfan zinc coating, Powder coating

Colors: Black, Green, Gray. Other colors available if required.

Usual Measurements as follows:

Height (mm)Post Centres (mm)Post Dimensions (mm)Overall Post Length (mm)
1270244080 x 601900
2134 2440 80 x 60 2900 
2440 2440 80 x 60 3300 
3000 2440 80 x 60 3800 
4200 2440 120 x 120 square 5100 
5210 2440 150 x 150 6200 

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